Need to find more time to draw, warm up, practice, work, follow thru. Got back into some of my fave illustrators. I used to keep a bookmarks folder the size of my arm of artists I was obsessed with. I re-started stalking a few: Ghostco, V. Brosgol, R. Sugar, E. Casarosa. They all practice, I need to find the time. I can’t call it my calling if I never do it, knaamean?


That’s a big bull.

awright awright awright


I have a new item in my Etsy shop!!! 

Are you sick of restrictions on reproductive health being passed by people who cannot ever possibly become pregnant themselves? Tired of a bunch of folks that wouldn’t know a vagina from an elbow trying to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body? This is the shirt for you.

Available on Etsy. Makes a great gift for your favorite advocate of reproductive rights.

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Childhood me and Grown-up me just met each other and are having a blast watching this. My J. Rivers tribute continues.

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Such a sweet boy. Never raised his voice.

New drawing tablet. So you know I gotta get that evil astronaut flow going.

man, probably my thirties too.

So real on the Street

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true dat.

Ladies? Am I right?

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